Prep for Infineon 4-Hour


As I take my break on my journey to northern California, I would like to share the prep done to Monty before going into battle on Sunday.



I went to replace the stock 1.6L Miata flywheel with a much lighter 9lb one from F1 Racing. I thought I’d do that since I was diagnosing a slipping clutch problem since late January. Turns out, nothing wrong with the clutch or the flywheel; it ended up being the clutch pedal assembly and the threaded rod that accuated the clutch master cylinder. The threads on both the welded nut on the pedal assembly and threaded rod were completely shredded from myself incorrectly adjusting the free play on the pedal. Doh…


Regardless of the bad mistake, repairs were possible thanks to a thread chaser kit.

Again, my journey as a racer is still rough one as I still comes to grip with being a decent mechanic.



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