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10/2/2011: Prepping for the 3-Hour Night Race

It’s almost time for the NASA 3-Hour enduro night race at Buttonwillow Raceway (October 8th) and I have a few things to do. Due to a recent suggestions for safety from Emilio and John, my electrical kill switch needed to be relocated for easy access for both the driver and emergency crews.  The kill switch has been moved from main roll cage hoop on the passenger side to the transmission tunnel next to the radio.  Since I have no concept of how wiring is done, I asked Manny to help me with this so I won’t electrocute myself or set fire to Monty.  Also note the switch panel is now painted black and rounded off on the corners.  Formerly, it was duct-taped in black to cover sharp, jagged edges and to prevent glare.  Much cleaner.

While we were at it, I decided to start cleaning up the wiring a bit (shortening and rerouting) and also revise the aim of the lights and simplify the switches related to it.

Painting the light bar lavender to match the 949Racing 15×8 6ULs and roll cage.  The bulb covers also add a nice touch when the car’s being transported.

And this started flowing ideas to play around with, like test-fitting a front lip from a 3rd-generation RX-7.

Yes, it’s bit wide.  The thing most Miata guys do to fit the OEM bumper is to trim the middle portion to fit.  But as you see, you can potentially cover up the front tires with a spat to fill the gap between the lip and the bumper for reduced front-end drag and some resultant downforce.

I’m not sure if the lip will be used for the upcoming 3-hour enduro, but for sure, I’ll be testing this in the near future.