6/30/2011: Introducing Monty, the “2nd Chance Roadster” Racing Car

It’s hard to imagine that after 7 years of driving, I have yet to have a proper racing car which I can call my own.  Well, this year is my year.  Introducing the 2nd Chance Roadster racing car, which has affectionately been christened “Monty” by Emilio and Alex for some weird reason.  Thanks to William, Alex of 2nd Chance Roadster (a used Miata parts retailer) and Emilio of 949Racing for making this happen.

Yes, I know, Monty is not much to look at now, but by July 9th, he would be given a “2nd Chance” at life and will be living the life in the fast lane, literally.  By then, he should be fully-dressed, with some shiny new paint and in full race trim, ready for its first shakedown at an Xtremespeed HPDE track day on July 10 at Buttonwillow.  After that, we will then pop his wheel-to-wheel racing cherry with NASA club racing at AAA Auto Club Speedway on July 30-31.  The plan so far is to class this car for PTE (for sprint races) and E3 (for endurance racing).  This car will also double as a Chumpcar with stock suspension components, which will allow good training for Team 949Racing for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

So far, the build is coming along smoothly, with all the important mechanical parts ready to be installed.  Here are some photos of the build so far.  Engine and all running gear has been refreshed, cleaned and ready for install after the car gets repainted.

Serious props and infinite grateful thanks to Alex, owner of 2nd Chance Roadster and co-owner of Monty, as he is an insane beast of a man, getting the car prepped at such a fast pace.  Much gratitude to William and Emilio for their support to push me to finally get a racecar I can race with to get further experience outside of Team 949Racing’s events and practices. Also, thanks goes out to Pit Garage, as they came through with all the specific requests I had about our cage and finished it in a couple of days.  Now, we have a cage that allows comfortable resting position for the driver’s left foot, fit taller drivers, allows for passengers, allows a windshield defogger to be installed for cold/rainy days and, most importantly, is safe for wheel-to-wheel racing.

And yes, the purple (lavender I think) on the cage was intentional.  We want to make this at least somewhat eye-catching.  The pictures don’t do the color justice, but it will go well with the flat black interior and silver exterior paint that Alex has planned.

Progress is steady, so I’ll post up more updates as Alex sends me more photos.



6 thoughts on “6/30/2011: Introducing Monty, the “2nd Chance Roadster” Racing Car

  1. He probably called it Monty because, at least at first glance, the shell appears to be Montego Blue. I named my first Miata “Monty” for the same reason.

    Posted by Bryan | July 1, 2011, 7:26 am
  2. update please

    Posted by RyanH | July 13, 2011, 3:08 pm


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