5/5/2011: Keeping Sharp and Having Fun

(UPDATED 5/8/2010: Videos of the Camry and my NA6 Miata are up)

(More obligatory video to come, stay tuned)

As I still wait for my NASA provisional license application to process, I decided to keep my driving sharp by attending a Speed Ventures open track day at The Streets of Willow Springs (SoW).  A bit of a last-minute thing for me, deciding to go during the day before, so I ended up taking my 1.6L Miata to the track, first time since blowing up my stock VLSD back in January during a Miata Challenge event.  The “new” VLSD I got from 2nd Chance Roadster a few months ago did hold up nicely.

(video of trackday to be uploaded soon)

But seriously, I need a Torsen or better differential soon since my 1.6L Miata could be a bit more enjoyable (not to mention faster) on corner exits if I had it. Also, I don’t want to break it while I’m miles away from home.  Maybe sometime soon, as I get more money in excess of my racing season budget this year, something I’m already tight on as it is.

Another reason I went to SoW was because a friend of mine, Andy, was asking if I could go with him to help him test his new track toy, a 1996 Toyota Camry.  Yes…   I did say your Mom’s grocery getter.  The interestingly named “Slow White,” it was a pet dream project that Andy had since I met him several years ago.  The idea is simple: stock V6 1MZ engine, OEM TRD supercharger, TEIN Super Street coilovers, new wheels and tires, remove backseats.

A seemingly discrete grocery-getter of a Mom-mobile is something most track day weekend warriors don’t expect passing them up on a flying lap.  Throughout the day, it managed to get a few confused looks from the drivers of the usual track day marques (Hondas, Lotuses, BMWs, etc.) as the Camry gets pointed-by at designated passing straightaways after keeping up with them through most of the twisty bits of the track.

Overall, I did enjoy myself and was a very relaxing day, though I did have to cut it short since I had to go to work that very same night. Yes that kind of sucks but I have to pay the bills, as well as my passions, somehow. My only consolation is that it was a very warm night and I got to drive top down while doing deliveries. At one point of the night I had to deliver tofu (no joke, I work at a Thai restaurant on the weekends). The only thing missing was a mountain resort to deliver to and that would be a fantasy come true. If you don’t get the joke, don’t worry about it. It’s probably best you don’t know how much of a geek I am.

Anyways, hopefully my license will arrive soon because I’m getting anxious from waiting for my first race. If it comes soon enough I can start in May, when Team 949Racing will compete at Thunderhill for the next round of the endurance racing series for NASA. Hopefully I can make it. We will see soon enough.



2 thoughts on “5/5/2011: Keeping Sharp and Having Fun

  1. UPDATED 5/8/2010: Videos of the Camry and my NA6 Miata are up.

    Posted by VagaXt | May 8, 2011, 2:36 am
  2. awesome blog Sonny, I still need to get more pictures for you. Hopefully I can get them to you this weekend.

    Posted by Andy | May 13, 2011, 7:34 pm

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