4/15/2011: Getting Stuff Done

Today’s the day before racing school.  Some things needed finishing.  For instance, I needed to use my own tires for my race car rental (a NASA Spec Miata) to help save me a bit of money.  However, I needed to mount “new” racing tires because mine were shot, as you see in the photo below.  Many thanks to Emilio for teaching me to use a tire mounting machine last night.

For a first try, I think it was a great success, as I didn’t injure or kill myself from having a bad accident while using it (potentially dangerous machine as Emilio would put it), and only took me three hours for all four tires…  Newbie status for sure, but I got faster by the third and fourth tires.  The first tires didn’t go so well and obviously took the longest.  I ended up ripping the bead a bit, but still the tires was usable.  Practice on used tires was definitely a good idea in this case.


In case you are wondering how I carry tires around sometimes.  This time, I made it easy by removing the passenger seat.  Those are 15×9 949Racing 6UL wheels with used Nitto NT01 tires (225/45/15).

In other news, I got time to do my physical test I need to complete my medical forms for both SCCA and NASA today.  Everything looks good for me to go, just have to turn them in with my other racing license application forms.

Looks like my ducks are finally in a row and I should be on track to do my first sanctioned wheel-to-wheel races by May, schedule-pending, so time will time now.


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