4/14/2011: My Journey Begins

Though I’ve had a YouTube account for the last 5 years to share my random driving adventures at various racetracks and venues with the everyone, I thought it was finally time to have a blog to complement and elaborate my experiences with you.  This decision cannot come at a better time since the next several months, I’ll be taking the next steps to further develop myself as a driver.

I know it’s late (about a bit before 3:30am), but I couldn’t wait to start blogging.  This coming weekend (Apr. 16-17) is going be the first experience in real wheel-to-wheel racing for me, thanks to the AROSC Race School.  This school is going to be my way to get a NASA competition license so that I may start racing wheel-to-wheel this year.  I feel that this will help me develop my skills at an accelerated rate and hopefully will push me to become a better driver.  However, there’s another reason to me getting my license: I’m joining a multiple-driver team on a quest to participate in what is deemed the “longest race on Earth,” the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in December 2011.  Emilio Cervantes of 949Racing is leading the quest to this race and is gunning for a very successful NASA endurance series season.

To say the least, I’m excited and eager to work, train and help the team be successful.  I’ll definitely keep you posted on what’s going on with the team and my personal experience to get to the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.



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